The first cliché, that “Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise,” is true. The second cliché, that “you get what you pay for” is less so, as price does not necessarily determine quality here. So before setting out, know where to find what you are looking for.

On both sides of Victoria Harbour, you’ll find an array of shopping options to choose from — from street markets to mega-malls, outlet stores to holiday bazaars, ready-made to custom-made. Whatever you want or need, you’ll find it here. In time, you will even come to know which areas of the city are best for finding specific goods, from clothing to furniture to antiques.

In addition to its abundance of modern shopping malls, Hong Kong has also retained many of its historical shopping areas which largely consist of entire streets dedicated to specific categories of goods. You’ll find a street for most things: plumbing and hardware, electronics, kitchenware, lace and buttons, goldfish and pets, flowers, and dried seafood — to name a few. Just don’t forget to bargain! 

Because of its free-port status, well-established tourism industry and heavy focus on commerce and trade, Hong Kong is well known as an excellent place for shopping, and many tourists come here just for this purpose. The Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme certifies shops, restaurants, accommodation and hair salons that meet standards of superb customer service, including the aspects of clearly displayed prices and product information.

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