A concentration of experienced fine wine merchants and the removal of all wine duties since 2008 have helped make Hong Kong into a hub for the wine trade in Asia.

Retail Outlets

The larger supermarkets in Hong Kong have dedicated in-store wine sections stocked with fine wines and spirits from all over the world. Try 3hreeSixty in ELEMENTS shopping mall, or any branch of City’super.

You can also find high-quality wine and liquor at specialist grocery stores, which include:

For wine exclusively, head to one of the following wine merchants staffed by knowledgeable assistants who will happily divulge the characteristics of each bottle and make suggestions at your request.

Specialist Wine Distributors

If you are looking for something special or large quantities for a party, try contacting one of these specialist distributors.

Wine Clubs and Subscriptions

A number of wine stores offer monthly or quarterly wine subscriptions. Here are some to try:

Wine Storage

With the boom in wine imports, wine storage has become one of the most rapidly developing ancillary businesses of the wine trade. 

Jancis Robinson has a lengthy list of wine storage facilities in Hong Kong on her website.

Pairing Wines with Asian Food

Learning how to match Asian food with wine is a hot topic here, particularly since Asian cuisines generally have quite complex flavors and contain a variety of different ingredients, making wine pairing not such a straightforward task. It is a good idea to open bottles of both red and white (or rosé) wine, and to make pairing decisions based on the sauce that flavors each dish.

A full-bodied red, which typically matches a steak, may overpower a dish of stir-fried beef with broccoli and garlic sauce. Steamed clams with a touch of ginger and coriander would call for a subtle white wine, but take those same clams and prepare them in a black bean sauce with a touch of chili, and you would be drinking a medium-bodied red. Lighter foods, like simply-marinated chicken, seafood and fish dishes go well with whites in general. But once a spicy, heavy or tomato-based sauce is added, the wine choice changes again.


Once upon a time, craft beers in Hong Kong meant one thing: imports. No longer.

The establishment of Young Master brewery in 2013 inspired a wave of innovative beermakers whose creations reflect local tastes and influences. Here are some bars, breweries and bottle shops where you can sample excellent locally crafted beers:

Where to Drink

Hong Kong’s drinking legislation permits the consumption of alcohol pretty much anywhere, including in public spaces like beaches, parks and on the streets. A selection of alcoholic drinks is also available at most convenience stores around the city.

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