Food and Drink

From the humble street vendor’s egg waffles to decadent champagne brunches, you’ll never go hungry in this town.

Faced with busy work schedules and small kitchens at home, the convenience of eating out is a way of life in Hong Kong. As is the case throughout the rest of Asia, the variety of dining options in terms of both cuisine and price is astounding. Standards are high, and competition is intense.

 The well-traveled Hong Kong Chinese are discerning and critical customers with an unyielding demand for high quality and good value meals. Second chances are rarely given to restaurants which fail to impress the first time around, and with the sheer number of options available to customers, they aren’t needed. The highest praise any restaurant in Hong Kong can receive is in the form of repeat business. This is one situation in which “following the crowd” is highly recommended.

Restaurants and cafés are everywhere to be found in the obvious locations, but hidden gems abound in the unlikeliest of places: alleys, basements and on the upstairs floors of buildings. The adventurous (and observant) will be rewarded!

Speaking of adventure, Hong Kong’s renowned street food scene is one not to be missed. Purchase a hot snack from one of the city’s ubiquitous stalls and eat it on the spot for a literal taste of local urban culture, or grab a seat at one of the foldout tables set up by dai pai dongs (family-run food stalls) and casual local restaurants. Hong Kong’s cooked food centers operate in a similar fashion, only indoors.

Bear in mind that smoking is strictly prohibited at restaurants in Hong Kong, even at those with outdoor areas, unless those areas are designated and well-marked for this purpose.

If you’re more inclined to cook for yourself, most ingredients can be sourced in Hong Kong, although it may take some dedication to find specific items from home.

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