Sports and Recreation

It is a common misconception among outsiders that densely populated Hong Kong is little more than a concrete jungle, but don’t be fooled.

No matter where you find yourself in this modern metropolis, lush green country parks and pristine beaches are never further than an hour away. Hiking trails, camping sites and idyllic island landscapes abound, drawing city dwellers out of their air-conditioned homes and offices into nature.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that Hong Kong takes its sport and recreation seriously. The city hosts a number of high profile sporting events each year such as the Hong Kong Marathon and the Hong Kong Golf Open. The Leisure and Culture Services Department operates a number of public facilities, including sports grounds, swimming pools and recreation centers. You can also find private members’ clubs and associations dedicated to different sports — tennis, cricket, football — with the necessary facilities to boot. More informally, there are thriving communities of trail runners, Muay Thai practitioners, and yogis in the city.

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