Arts and Culture

From the urban art spray-painted on alley walls, to the weekend buskers who compete for attention on busy walkways, Hong Kong’s thirst for creative expression is evident everywhere you go.

The city’s dynamic arts and culture scene, best described as a fusion of classical Chinese culture and contemporary Western influences, has been the recipient of growing international attention in recent years. And with the territory’s economic reputation firmly established, the government has lately turned its attention to developing Hong Kong’s creative industries, investing in various projects and initiatives to facilitate this goal.

The city plays host to an ever-growing number of local and international art fairs, film and music festivals and cultural events, further indicative of its growing appetite for the arts. And thanks to its zero-sales tax environment, Hong Kong now rivals New York and London as a major art trading center, where international galleries and prestigious auction houses such as Sotheby’s conduct booming business in contemporary and classical art.

On one hand, while all this global exposure is good news for the city, traditionalists can rest assured that Hong Kong’s heritage has not been swept away by the tides of modernization. The government and various dedicated organizations have done a fine job of preserving Hong Kong’s artistic and cultural heritage, and there are many locations where traditional art forms — from Asian art to Cantonese opera — can still be enjoyed.

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