The city of Zhuhai is located along China’s southeast coast, next to Macao. Thanks to its pristine natural scenery, fresh air and low population density, Zhuhai is considered one of the most ideal places to live in mainland China.

But this is no sleepy seaside town. In 1980, the city was designated as one of China’s first Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to allow easier access to neighboring Macao’s prosperous, free-trade market.

Today, Zhuhai is a key development hub for many high-tech industries including computer software, consumer electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. Its well-established transport links with the modern metropolises of Hong Kong and Macao, as well as the rest of mainland China, make it an appealing destination for foreign trade and investment.

Built on reclaimed land just west of Macao, Hengqin Island is being positioned as a major tourist draw — the “Orlando of China,” according to some. Hengqin’s attractions include the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, one of China’s top theme parks, and the vast Novotown shopping and entertainment complex, which opened in 2019, with branded entertainment experiences from Real Madrid, National Geographic, Ducati and Lionsgate.

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