Art and Design

The first Chinese city to be named a UNESCO City of Design, Shenzhen is a major hub of art and design in China, boasting a thriving community of designers and a growing number of museums, galleries and design markets.

Design Society
Design Society is an arts and culture hub on the Shekou Peninsula, in western Shenzhen. Their V&A Gallery, presented in partnership with London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, aims to make connections between the contemporary Shenzhen art scene and the extensive historical collection of the V&A.

OCT Loft
Covering more than 60 million square meters, this vast former factory area in the affluent neighborhood of Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) has been transformed into one of the country’s most vibrant cultural and artistic enclaves. Galleries and book cafes jostle for space with art studios and music clubs on leafy pedestrian walkways. Building fronts still maintain a factory-roughened look but many of the stores and restaurants are meticulously styled. On weekends, the small streets are lined with local designers and peddlers selling everything from jewelry to secondhand books.

Dafen Oil Painting Village
This famous part of town is the place to go to pick up a replica Mona Lisa, or to have your face replace Napoleon’s in an oil painting. It’s said to have produced 60 percent of the world’s replica oil paintings at its peak in the early 2000s, but the area is today focusing on original works. You can still see many artists working in the street.


With more golf courses than any other city in China, Shenzhen attracts thousands of visitors each year to its challenging and beautifully designed courses.

The Shenzhen Golf Club, one of the first golf clubs in China, is the closest to Hong Kong, taking just 10 minutes by car from the Huanggang border checkpoint. Mission Hills Golf Course also offers a regular shuttle bus from Yuen Long, New Territories.

Although the internationally recognized Mission Hills Golf Club and Resort gets the most publicity, Shenzhen’s lesser-known courses, such as the Century Seaview Golf Club and OCT East Wind Valley Golf Club, are equally stunning, with state-of-the-art clubhouses.

For reviews and listings of Shenzhen golf courses, visit Golf Shenzhen and Golf 007.

Theme Parks

The neighborhood of Overseas Chinese Town is home to one of China’s most concentrated clusters of theme parks and cultural attractions, linked by a monorail line.

With four different parks (listed below), it offers fun for all ages and interests. In the area, you’ll also find an array of hotels and good dining.

China Folk Culture Village
China Folk Culture Village features around 25 life-sized ethnic villages showcasing the customs, arts, architecture and cuisine of 56 cultural groups and ethnic minorities from around China. The village also holds various cultural performances throughout the day.

Splendid China Miniature Park
Over 100 notable landmarks from around China have been miniaturized and laid out in the Splendid China Miniature Park. Located adjacent to the China Folk Culture Village, the 30-hectare park features miniature versions of Beijing’s Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Potala Palace in Tibet, the Terracotta Army and more.

Happy Valley (Happy Kingdom)
Opened in 2002, Shenzhen’s Happy Valley (also known as Happy Kingdom) theme park was quickly followed by branches in seven other Chinese cities. The Shenzhen park features more than 100 attractions in eight themed zones: Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Mount Adventure, Happy Island, Goldmine Town, Shangri-La Forest, Typhoon Bay and Sunshine Beach.

Window of the World
Perhaps Shenzhen’s most visited attraction, Window of the World allows you to experience over 130 famous global landmarks in one day. The famous monuments and sites presented here in miniature include the Pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Other Attractions

Other Shenzhen attractions include:

  • Crane Lake Hakka Village and Museum
  • Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches
  • Dapeng Fortress
  • Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens
  • Lianhuashan Lotus Hill Park
  • OCT East theme park
  • Shenzhen Museum of History
  • Shenzhen Museum of Ancient Art
  • Shenzhen Safari Park
  • Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort
  • Xin’an Ancient Walled City
  • Yangtai Mountain

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