Qianhai New District

In a push to increase collaboration in innovation and financial services, the governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong have set up a unique experimental commercial development zone.

This zone is called the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone  (sometimes referred to as the Qianhai New District).

The zone is being promoted as an innovation area for modern service industries such as finance, logistics, and information services. Thousands of international and Chinese financial firms have set up in the 15-square-kilometer zone, including heavy hitters like HSBC, Bank of East Asia, and Credit Suisse. 

Some 40 years ago Shenzhen became China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ); now the area of Qianhai is taking it even further with a smorgasbord of incentives and preferential policies for both local and foreign companies.

Hardware Accelerators

Shenzhen is often called the hardware capital of the world, with hardware unicorns including drone manufacturer DJI and robotics company UBTECH Robotics.

Here are a few of the accelerators and workspaces powering Shenzhen’s startup ecosystem.

Part of global venture capital firm SOSV, HAX is a seed accelerator focused on startups for hardware, robotics, and connected devices. Based in Shenzhen, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Shenzhen Valley Ventures
This engineering and manufacturing firm with offices in Shenzhen, Palo Alto and Berlin helps clients with designing, prototyping and testing hardware.

A dynamic, community-driven coworking space in Huaqiangbei that helps international hardware startups prototype, manufacture and go to market.

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