The southern Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen has lately drawn global attention for being the country’s leading hub for innovation and tech development, with business delegations from all over the world flooding in on a daily basis to witness the miracle of “China’s Silicon Valley.”

The city, a former factory town right across the border from Hong Kong, is also increasingly becoming a popular destination for local and international travelers looking for high-quality shopping, entertainment and gastronomic experiences. Over the last few years, new parks and restaurant areas, better housing and improved air quality have changed Shenzhen’s livability enormously. Walking down the streets in Futian or Nanshan, the finance and tech areas, you’ll feel yourself surrounded by glitzy shopping and lively eateries.

The heart of Shenzhen’s innovation and startup scene is its buzzy, noisy Huaqiangbei electronics market. It’s a one-mile strip with 10-story buildings on both sides of the boulevard filled to the brim with electrical stuff. A tech nerd’s candy store. Shenzhen’s science parks and R&D labs also bristle with talented startups seeking funding for their innovations; they’re well worth a visit.

In terms of green development Shenzhen has made more progress than most, even by global standards. The city has made global headlines for being the first major city in the world to roll out an all-electric public bus fleet. Today, Shenzhen has three times more electric buses than the entire fleet of all buses in New York, and nearly eight times the total of Los Angeles. When you stand next to any of the main roads you’ll no longer hear the roar of traffic; the electric auto fleet has made transportation quiet and clean.

In short, no matter if you’re into fine art, leisurely dining or messy technology markets, you’ll feel right at home in this fast-growing city. And with the new high-speed train from Hong Kong, and the interconnections throughout the Greater Bay Area, getting there has never been more convenient.

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